fota bistro side chairs fota bistro side chairs
The Beauty in Difference

​​Beauty is not uniform. Across cultures, people, places and spaces, difference is what makes this life fascinating. At Woven, we invite you to create a home that is undeniably an expression of you—perfectly imperfect, layered and natural. 

Natural Stewards

As experts in natural materials and passionate stewards of nature itself, we are constantly inspired by the warm, transportive, textural qualities of natural materials and believe in working with nature and not against it to utilize their beauty.

Everything has a Story

We are obsessed with history, drawing inspiration from all over the world and throughout the ages—from ancient Egypt to the Belle Epoque, from the bistro chair to the bar cart. We translate the craft and tradition of the old world into timeless collectibles for our time and beyond.

We are all Interwoven

Like the fibers we weave to create our homewares, we are all interconnected. Each one of our choices has an impact—for ourselves, each other, and the larger home we all share: Earth. Woven is an invitation to be mindful with what we surround ourselves with, to know where it came from, and to trust where it’s going.