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The outdoor furniture industry is at odds with the outdoors itself

We're here to change that and are rethinking how outdoor furniture is designed, cared for, and disposed of. This is a new way to enjoy life outdoors—designed after nature’s own genius, using regenerative and natural materials, that return gently to the earth (not a landfill).

Mindful Materials

Our material choices go far beyond the way things look—we consider every element for minimal impact on the planet, from our sustainably harvested and skillfully joined rattan structures to bio-based latex foam cushions and upcycled Texstyle performance fabric made from single use plastic water bottles.

Nature’s Design

Nature is our greatest inspiration, not only for its intrinsic beauty, but also because of its resilience and adaptability. Living things have to thrive in all sorts of conditions and have built in performance and durability. That’s why we design with renewable natural materials, shaping them into organic forms offered in earthy, neutral tones that hold up to weather, use and time and blend seamlessly into your outdoor environments.

Made for You

Nature’s design takes many shapes and sizes, so we design our outdoor range of furniture to do the same. Each design (available in three earthy, adaptable colors) is modular, allowing you to create a custom fit for any outdoor space, even as your needs change. Thanks to our clip system, assembling and disassembling is easy without hardware or complicated manuals—a generous sectional shifts effortlessly to a cozy loveseat or circle of loungers, adapting to shifting spaces from large lawns to snug porches, urban rooftops, and poolside retreats.

Simply Effortless

We created Natura because we want you to enjoy more time outdoors, naturally. We designed every aspect of the pieces to feel, look, and be easy. From the moment your pieces arrive (flat-packed to lighten our shipping imprint) they assemble in moments without tools, hardware, or confusing instructions thanks to our innovative slot and clip system. We design to keep things easy throughout the life of your furniture, too—our machine-washable, easily removable cushion covers hold up well to all of life’s wear and tear, from inclement weather to kids, pets, and parties.

Care & Repair

We design for timeless beauty and longevity, but unlike the usual metal and plastic outdoor furniture, our outdoor furniture requires care to serve you best. We think there’s nothing quite so satisfying as caring for the things we love and use most, so we provide all the knowledge and tools you’ll need, from care kits to covers, to make maintenance into a pleasure, not a chore.

Reducing Waste

The home industry is wasteful. With more than 12 trillion tons of furniture (a mere 0.3% of which is recyclable) thrown away every year, our mission is to create long-lasting furniture that can one day go gently back to the earth—so we focus on natural and upcycled materials that are 95% compostable or recyclable through our take back program.

Sustainably Harvested Rattan Frame
Upcycled All Weather Texstyle Fabric
Bio-Based All-Weather Foam
Customizable Design
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