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Journey of A Home

Leigh Lincoln

The making of a home—like the building of a life well-lived—takes time and intention. The miraculous sense of feeling at home doesn't just happen, it twists and turns through
adventure and memory, function and feeling, work and play, solitude and celebration. We believe a home is never "done", it's a journey, forever evolving, and, like the humans in it, it tells its own beautiful story of where we have been, what we value, and how we hope to feel every step of the way.


For Leigh Lincoln, one half of the best-friend-design-team behind California interiors studio and homegoods icon Pure Salt (read our chat with the other half of the duo, Aly Morford, here), the journey of home is also a path towards being more fully present in each moment. For over two decades, Aly and Leigh have shared a friendship across the full constellation of life’s biggest events—self-discovery, big moves, career shifts, founding a business and growing a company, and growing families (in the dream of dreams, their own daughters are now also best friends). They now make their homes literally across the street from each other, where inspiration is as close as their airy open door California coastal style allows. 

We followed the sounds of jazz and the waves to step through those breezy doors to talk with Leigh about the restorative capacity of natural elements, the sense of story in the perfectly imperfect, and the power in setting down roots close to those that you love.

What values shape you and your home?
I’m actually a triplet, so family is a huge part of my life and having a home where everyone can gather together and commune is at the core of my design and the way I choose to live in my space. Creating a home that fosters indoor/outdoor living, prioritizing multiple zones for large family gathering, and integrating the senses to enhance an embodied experience was at the heart of how I design and live in my home day in and day out.

Tell us how you came to be passionate about sustainable design?
In building our Pure Salt Shoppe, I found myself searching for unique pieces for both our clients and customers. Like many others, I find restorative benefits to surrounding myself with nature which led to a deep love for rattan pendants, reclaimed wood furniture, and hand-woven linens and rugs. I love the way that perfectly imperfect pieces bring a sense of story and personality to a space, and the warmth of layering together unique natural pieces truly enhances the experience of living in my home for both me and my family.

You live in a single-family home in Southern California, tell us how you came to make your home there?
Living near my tight-knit family was always the goal. We found this neighborhood and knew that it was the perfect opportunity to bring together my sisters (including Aly, my honorary sister) and their families and create a true community. We now are living the dream with all of us so close together, and so near all our favorite parts of living in Southern California.

We like to think each of us is a steward of nature. How important is it to you to be in nature and surround yourself with natural materials & elements?
Connecting with nature is paramount in my creativity and my relationship with myself. Being outside, integrating nature into my home, and spending intentional time with loved ones outdoors is a necessary part of my life and I treasure all the moments where I feel truly connected in these ways.

We believe a home is never done, it’s always evolving, like us. What home project are you working on or dreaming of?
Recently I’ve taken a leaf from Aly’s book and worked hard to cultivate my own green thumb. My backyard has been a labor of love as I’ve learned to tend and care for my plants and garden, bringing me the sweetest memories with my family as we lounge outside. Soon, I’m hoping to add more to my landscaping and really turn this space into a well-loved and lived-in zone for us all to relax and enjoy.

We are so drawn to spaces brimming with story. What is your favorite piece or object in your home? 
I’m an old soul and love all things vintage and full of charm, so the French library ladder in my kitchen is a real treasure to me. It’s an antique that brings a sense of romance and whimsy to an otherwise utilitarian space, and I love that not only is it beautiful but it also serves a function—plus, it can collapse away if needed, which only adds to its personality.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?
My family, jazz, and weekends outdoors. I love that in my home I can experience all three, often at the same time.

What are some of your favorite Woven pieces?
Almost impossible to choose—I love them all—but I love the Mateo Table Lamps. I love a full rattan piece, especially in lighting which marries utility and aesthetics, and the Mateo is both so sweet and unique, I think their shape is perfect for both bedside tables or as an accent lamp in a living room.

"Connecting with nature is paramount in my creativity and my relationship with myself."

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