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Journey of A Home

Aly Morford

The making of a home—like the building of a life well-lived—takes time and intention. The miraculous sense of feeling at home doesn't just happen, it twists and turns through adventure and memory, function and feeling, work and play, solitude and celebration. We believe a home is never "done", it's a journey, forever evolving, and, like the humans in it, it tells its own beautiful story of where we have been, what we value, and how we hope to feel every step of the way.


For Aly Morford and Leigh Lincoln—the star-crossed best friends turned business partners behind celebrated California design studio and eponymous homegoods destination Pure Salt— home is a way of life. Anchored by the arc of their decades-long friendship, the designers share more than their acclaimed elevated coastal sensibility. They've built their lives and business on the idea that home should be a reflection of the people in it, able to be lived in and loved, and full of objects and pieces that feel as good as they look. Aly sees design as ever-evolving and, in fact, playful. At the end of the day, the journey of home is a beautiful opportunity to shift how we live in our spaces in ways both small and large. Aly's designs celebrate this flow, allowing the good work of life—writing new chapters of friendship, family, and connection—to flourish.


We sat down with Aly to talk about how she wants her home to feel, the beauty in blurring the lines between indoors and out, and the value of crafting your home on a foundation of community.

What values shape you and your home?
For me, home is a place of peace and serenity. It’s where me and my family are able to escape the hustle of the outside world and reconnect together, and our living space is meant to bring about a sense of calm recentering. I try to bring that feeling into my home from the second you walk in the doors—with sightlines that lead to the backyard for an indoor/outdoor flow, an emphasis on personal touches throughout, and abundant natural influence (through greenery, sunlight, fresh air and organic textures that catch you after a long day.

Tell us how you came to be passionate about sustainable design?
I’m actually a florist by trade—prior to co-founding Pure Salt with Leigh, I ran my own floral and events business and found great joy in working with plants and design. My love for nature found a natural partner with my love for interiors and design, and in the years since we founded our business I’ve been able to imbue my love for nature and growing into our work at Pure Salt—whether that’s through creating an organic room design, finding ways to connect the indoors and outdoors, or bringing a home to life with plants, trees and live greens.

You live in a single-family home in Southern California, tell us how you came to make your home there?
I was born and raised near the beach in San Clemente, California, and always knew that I wanted to raise my family in much the same way I was—by the water in a slower and more connected way of life. After a stint in Saudi Arabia with my young family, I developed the idea for Pure Salt and soon after moved home to California to start our business and really plant my family’s roots. We lived in a few places before settling in Rancho Mission Viejo, across the street from Leigh, where we’ve created a true community of loved ones and a life we love living together.

We like to think each of us is a steward of nature. How important is it to you to be in nature and surround yourself with natural materials & elements?
Grounding myself in the natural world is as crucial to my relationship with myself as it is a necessary part of my design work. I love the water and find any excuse to be at the beach or out at sea, and find that my spirit and creativity are revitalized the more I am connected to nature and choose to slow down. I want my home to feel alive in nature, so focus on intertwining natural elements, air, water, earth and greens into every corner of our space. It is the main thing that our home is anchored in over all other things.

We believe a home is never done, it’s always evolving, like us. What home project are you working on or dreaming of?
There is no truer statement than this! Just like the seasons, our tastes are cyclical and ever evolving, and I’ve found that I like to refresh my home on monthly basis. This helps me keep in tune with my creativity and personal expression and I enjoy looking for ways to update and enhance my home to continuously make it feel alive.  This doesn’t mean a constant state of buying, but shifting things around and caring for things in a deeper way, to bring old stale things new life in a different part of the home, swapping artwork for a fresh take, or moving plants around to a place in the home for a new look and feel.  As the holidays are quickly approaching, I’m looking to transition my home into a cozier environment with added layers and rich texture—things like new linens and pillows, cozy blankets and warm lighting - and of course tons of candlelight for my hosting spaces are small ways I like to keep my home feeling fresh and inviting.

We are so drawn to spaces brimming with story. What is your favorite piece or object in your home? 
One thing that will go with me wherever we go, are my trees and plants. To me, this is what makes a house a home and gives LIFE to a space. I can honestly say, I could not live without them! We have quite a few large indoor trees in this home, which makes it feel like a jungle in here, and that I love. I have Ficus Alii, Ficus Religiosa, Ficus Audrey and Ficus Triangularis - to name a few! The way you’re enveloped by them in a room—their movement and color—makes for an embodied experience and allows me to feel more connected to nature, which in turn grounds me in every way on a daily basis.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?
Easy. My daughters Ella, Liv, and Emme! But in my home, I can honestly say I would boil it down to fresh air, lots of natural light and greenery - to make all of the other elements in the home feel alive.

What are some of your favorite Woven pieces?
I’m a lover of texture and natural materials, so the simplicity and unique flair of the Textura Counter Stools really speaks to me. There’s just something about the clean lines of the beechwood frame and the detail of the seagrass weave that feels old world and modern and totally cozy—I just love them! But if you were to make me pick ONE thing, I would have to pick the Augusta floor lamp, hands down. It feels like a piece from another time, and the light that it fills a space with is so warm and inviting. Hands down one of my favorite pieces I own.

"Grounding myself in the natural world is as crucial to my relationship with myself as it is a necessary part of my design work."

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